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Face Masks!

My Threadless Shop now has face masks for adults and kids! Here are some examples, see more in the shop. Brain Dump Face Mask Pics or It Didn’t Happen Face Mask Web Slinger Face Mask I Heart Jambalaya Face Mask 89 Handheld Face Mask These are just a few examples, see more in the shop.

How to Use Color Palettes in Procreate

Watch my Tutorial on Color Palettes in Procreate In this quick video tutorial, I show you how to use the eyedropper tool, color swatches, and a “hack” that I use while illustrating in the @Procreate App on my @Apple iPad Pro. ⁣ View this post on Instagram A post shared by Krist Norsworthy Art + Design (@kristnorsworthyart) on May […]