Author: Krist Norsworthy

Riding the Wave as a Freelancer

As a creative, it can often be difficult to make plans for the future. In this episode, Krist and his guest, Jordan Beard, talk about having a freelance career and what that looks like in reality. See Jordan’s work here: listen here: watch here: Quick Links: http://www.justbecreativepod.comFollow us on Facebook: us on Instagram: […]

From Musician to Cinematographer

Many of us find a big part of our identity in our creative work and sometimes that label changes over time. In this episode, Krist talks with Jordan Beard about studying music in college and then finding a career in another creative field. Follow Jordan’s journey as we talk about how he became a freelance […]

Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

In our last conversation, we talked about the “what” of Imposter Syndrome, and this episode we’re talking about the “how” of it. The Impostor experience is a real thing. It’s a “fancy” way to say we have persistent self-doubt and don’t feel like we belong. Recognizing the problem and having support from others are two […]

Animals in Art

Keep up with all my events here on Facebook. In conjunction with Customer Appreciation Day in the Denham Springs Antique Village on Saturday, October 3rd, the Arts Council of Livingston Parish will have an Open House from 10:00 until 1:00. The focus of this exhibit is “Animals in Art.” Guests will be asked to cast […]

How to Become a Photographer

Any successful endeavor takes time to accomplish. A career, business, or creative project won’t be successful overnight and will be peppered with failures and wins. Listen to Katie’s journey to becoming a photographer and business owner. “How to Become a Photographer” is Katie’s story about her journey. This is how she became a photographer and […]

Face Masks!

My Threadless Shop now has face masks for adults and kids! Here are some examples, see more in the shop. Brain Dump Face Mask Pics or It Didn’t Happen Face Mask Web Slinger Face Mask I Heart Jambalaya Face Mask 89 Handheld Face Mask These are just a few examples, see more in the shop.