Social Media Concepts for Musicians & Bands: Part 2

The goal is to create engaging posts that push for your followers to interact with them (and you.)

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Looping Videos

  • Morphing or transitional motion graphics.
  • This could be album art, lyrics, or some things like that.
  • Examples:

Story Series

  • A video of a band member telling the story of a song (the meaning and/or how the music came together and/or how it has affected you) 
  • This could include some graphics/words over the video. 
    • This could also work for your Band Story, maybe even broken into multiple parts.
  • Visually it could be a mixture of all of the above in a longer format.

Music Video

  • A music video that could be totally or partially animated. 
  • A simple “lyric video” is a good and budget-friendly way to promote a song without shooting an entire video. 
  • Example:

See more examples here and ask for a price list for itemized items. 

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