Social Media Concepts for Musicians & Bands: Part 1

The goal is to create engaging posts that push for your followers to interact with them (and you.) Also keep in mind that you want your followers to want to share it too. You don’t just want to make sales — You want to provide relevant content to your followers.

See more examples here and ask for a price list for itemized items. 

Member Intros 

  • A photo of each band member with some illustrated elements around them – or a completely illustrated image. These could be video (a “still” pic but with jittery lines)
  • The post would include an intro of band members, etc.
  • Example:

Band Story

  • Same as above but with the Story of the band and what your plans/goals are.

Live Shots

  • Same as above but with live/performance photos. 
  • This could include handwritten/drawn lyrics and/or related graphic elements. 

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