White Light Night 2019

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“Held each November, White Light Night in the Mid City Art & Cultural District is an evening to celebrate local art, food, and music. Meet the artists behind some of the latest trends in the city, enjoy live music while you shop and eat in the best establishments the area has to offer.”

This year was my first time participating as an artist and I was set up in the parking lot of Curbside Burgers & Calandro’s.

When we first showed up, it was raining like crazy. We tried to wait it out but eventually had to set up in the rain. Some things got wet of course.

Eventually, the rain went away, the people came out, and we had a great time. My kids even got in on the game and my 6-year-old son was calling people over to my tent. My 8-year-old daughter had some of her art for sale, and made some sales too!

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If there’s a con or a show in your area that you’d like to see me at, send me a link! 

Thanks, keep up with all my events here on Facebook.